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Standard Websites

These represent the bulk of the websites I design. They can be simple one page sites to huge websites of over hundred pages such as or
They are very individual and also tend to be more search engine friendly than CMS or database driven websites.


The cost obviously depends on the size.  The initial design, index page and links page takes about 5-6 hrs. Each page thereafter usually takes 1-2hrs. All the pages are written in a search engine friendly way, each with their own metatags.   The design rate is £35 per hour.
Therefore, in reality, most smaller sites cost £250 - £500. This is a one-off cost. Examples -

These sites can be hosted elsewhere but if you choose to host with us the annual cost is £50.


Accommodation Providers - We can include availability charts, with a booking facility and updatable availability chart @ £60 per year.


It is very important to use good photographs on your website - it can make or break the website.  Images should be sent as jpg files and not embedded into a word document. The text can be sent on an email or word document. If you have any ideas about colours, fonts or layout - please let me know. I need to know your main keyword phrases too. These are the words people would put in a search engine to find you. The site is written around these important phrases. It is also helpful to know your unique selling points.


Once a site has been designed it does belong to you.  I am quite happy for you to use your own html editor, such as Dreamweaver to make simple changes. We are then happy to help out with anything you can't manage.


We can also link Twitter, your blog and Facebook page to your website.  You can have extra pages on your blog linked to your website. These can be updated yourself without special software.


If you are confused - call me 01769 560503


Site Maintenance

There is no annual fee - we only charge for the work we do. Changes can be emailed at any time. We note the minutes taken to do the job, (6 minute minimum) totaling them up and invoicing four times per year. The rate for updates to standard websites is £25 per hour.


CMS Websites

CMS stands for - Content Management System.  This is the type of website you can update yourself, changing the text and images without any special software. For accommodation providers an availability page can also be included. They may be more expensive to write and host, but if you want to make frequent changes to your website it can be more cost effective. For most sites the design cost will be in the region of £500 - 600 with hosting at £115 per year


Database Driven Websites

These type of websites create the pages using information stored on a database. Sites are designed with an admin area so you do not need to be a technical genius to use it. You would need this type of site if you require a search facility on your site. Good examples or Obviously these are more costly due to the extensive technical work behind the scenes. Let us know your requirements with as much detail as possible and we can provide a quote.



There is no point re-inventing the wheel. ekmPowershop has everything you need for an online shop for just £19.99 per month.  You may find you don't need our help at all and you can do it all yourself!  Alternatively we can set it up for you, create the banners and page descriptions, layouts etc then show you how to add the products.  (we can do that too if you prefer!) Click here to see an example

For smaller sites we can just add Paypal Buttons for you instead. Click here to see an example.



All prices exclusive of VAT