Google Adwords - Pay Per Click - Simple Tips

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Google Adwords - Pay Per Click

Although I have headed this page Google Adwords, campaigns can also set up on Yahoo and Bing.


Adwords are are excellent way to top up the traffic to your website.  Thousands of people may see your advert, you only pay when someone actually clicks it - hence the term - Pay Per Click.


If you look at the screen print below, showing a months advertising for a B&B in Dartmoor, you can see that 1103 people saw the advert when they searched for Dartmoor B&B.  36 people clicked it and the CPC - cost per click - to the B&B was 37p.


pay per click campaign on google adwords

You decide on the amount you want to spend per day - You can pause it anytime


When setting up a campaign there are several points you should consider.


  • Make sure your advert describes you accurately or you will be wasting your money. 
  • You don't need your advert in the number one position to be found. Try to get it on the first page for as little cost as you can.
  • Experiment with keywords - if you have a limit to your budget, it is better to have 20 clicks per day on reasonable priced keywords than 15 more expensive ones.
  • Leave out the keywords which come up well on the natural listings


When you set up a campaign the payments are paid in advance by credit card or direct debit.


If it all seems too confusing I am happy to set up your campaign for you. I can then leave you to manage it yourself, check it occasionally, or manage it for you completely sending you reports every month.  It is a good idea anyway, for me to go back into the account at least once to tweak it. The whole purpose of the exercise is to get you as many good quality click-throughs from your budget as possible.


Cost: I just charge for my time (£35 per hour). To set up single campaign for a small business is unlikely to take much more than an hour. A larger business wanting multiple campaigns with time taken to research appropriate keywords and check organic listings will obviously take longer.