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The Photographs on Your Website

A website is a very visual marketing tool and it must instantly attract the viewer. If it doesn't - they will be gone - clicked onto something else within seconds.

Good photographs on your website make a real difference.


Holiday Cottages in Devon


  Hunt Photograph Pony club Event

Lake District

  Frog on Lilypad - Borneo Heavy Horse - Cambourne Show

Arlington Court

  Arlington Court Borneo Jungle Paddling Trip to Lundy

Luxury Hotel Borneo

  Sunset Egypt Egypt

Corn Stooks - Devon

  Crow Point Arlington Court

Lynton to Barnstaple Railway

£35 per hour

I shoot in raw format, so there will be time spent after the shoot processing the images. This is particularly the case with HDR images which require 3 exposures combined, plus various adjustments to create the image we are looking for. 

I will limit the processing time to be no more than the photographic time, but it could well be less if light conditions are good.


eg The maximum for a mornings work (based on 3 hrs) would be £210 - 3hrs photography plus 3 hrs on photoshop.


Travel - Anything within 20 miles is included. Additional miles charged at 40p per mile


I frequently work on other peoples images including using 3 photos taken at different exposures to create an HDR image.


All prices exclusive of VAT